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Wii U by ValAndy7
Wii U
I will be getting and let me know if these are good decisions;
Super Smash Bros U
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Super Mario 3D World
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Rayman game with the red Viking girl.
Mario Party 10
Yoshi's Wolly World
Game & Wario
Hyrule Warrios
Pikmin III

I might be updating this pic with the games I get so yeah. :P

Oh hi...
Anyone recommedd some other games for my new system?
Also I am NOT transferring my old Wii content to my Wii U.
Want to use the gb all the time if I can, and actually start fresh.
Still keeping Wii for other stuff. :P
Over the Years Garrosh Hellscream by ValAndy7
Over the Years Garrosh Hellscream
UPDATE; Added WoW Logos for the certain models, and added Warlords Garrosh.
Gonna make one for his father Grommash Hellscream.

All the Garrosh models since Burning Crusade to Warlords of Draenor.
Bowser Jr Sprites by ValAndy7
Bowser Jr Sprites
Bowser Jr Sprites...Like in the title.
I made them for the King and Maker of the Heroes of the Stars.
Hope he enjoys them. :P

Credits are in the spritesheet.
Keeper of the Grove by ValAndy7
Keeper of the Grove
The enchanted Keepers are the favored sons of the demigod Cenarius. Like their lesser Dryad sisters, the Keepers appear to be half Night Elf, half stag. They have enormous antlers and manes of leaves that flow down their backs. Their right hands are disfigured and twisted - as if they had become like the gnarled root-claws of the Treants. Keepers possess many strange powers over nature and the animals.

(Just some more ideas for the Keepers of the Grove)

Larodar: One of the children of Cenarius that dwelled within the Forests of Ashenvale until the Scourge came and destroyed his grove. He soon became a ghost of his former self and haunted the territory he was left at and his body was torn to shreds and was ate by the Scourge.

Anubris: A well known Keeper in which he aided the Sentinels against the Undead Scourge and helped the Horde and the Alliance during the Third War. He was soon found among Mount Hyjal protecting the very home of all his brethren.

Nandieb: Was tasked in protecting a Mountain Giant in which had other nature beings within the trees that was growing among him. The Mountain Giant told Nandieb he was taking the nature creatures to live among a good place to thrive and he was going to take a nap among the mountains of the area to. They found there way and the Keeper and the Mountain Giant sound themselves in hostile territory in which a infernal long forgotten by the Burning Legion destroying trees and the wildlife, but Nandieb stopped him. The keeper of the grove was badly injured and was forced to surrender himself to the Emerald Dream and became a Dweller of the Dream.

Bandalar: Was tasked in protecting a ancient burrow in which Furbolgs were thought to be corrupted, but Bandalar went down to the area where the Furbolgs were making homes and being peaceful. Bandalar was soon puzzled by on which on how this was happening, but he didn;t care and had his time with him. He didn't realize he already lost himself to the Nightmare and was forced into a endless happiness while his body was being protected by nature, but he soon found anguish among the Furbolgs.

Gholbine: He was tasked in protecting a few Night Elf outposts against a onsalught of Undead and their demon masters and the Keeper was winning until the demons turned his fellow Night Elves into Satyrs. He was soon found dead and the survivors were feed to the hungry Scourge and the others who were saved were turned to serve the Burning Legion.

Dagda: A Keeper that fought during the Ancient War against the Burning Legion and he soon found himself among the Emerald Dream protecting the nature dwellers.

Nuada: A Keeper that fought during the Ancient War against the Burning Legion and he soon found himself among the Emerald Dream protecting the nature dwellers.

Oghma: He was charged to defend a hollow ground of Satyr, but soon the dark dwellers caught him unawares and destroyed the nature being. Now he haunts the former area seeking his death.

Centrius: A Keeper that fought during the Ancient War against the Burning Legion and he soon found himself among the Emerald Dream protecting the nature dwellers.

Ceredwyn: A Keeper that fought during the Ancient War against the Burning Legion and he soon found himself among the Emerald Dream protecting the nature dwellers.
Over the Years Illidan Stormrage by ValAndy7
Over the Years Illidan Stormrage
Hope you enjoy!

Credit goes to their owners, and Blizzard to.


ValAndy7's Profile Picture
3DS and if there is any users please respond to my profile. OK? Friend Code: 0645-6049-4999
LuigiXDaisy Supporter and Video Gamer.
Warcraft Player and Orc Fan. Has a Mii and I play games with my Mii.
Likes the M&L Series Games and other Nintendo Games.
Played Classic Games as a kid and watches videos about them.
Likes listening to Video Game Music and some songs.
Really likes King Bowser Koopa and his Koopalings.
Has a lot of nice friends here on Youtube and likes to hang around them.
Likes The Yoshi Race, Piranha Plants, Bob-ombs, Chain Chomps, Thwomps, Shy Guys, Goombas, Wigglers, Shroobs, Koopas, and a lot of the other Mario species.
Likes too eat at MCGoomba's.
Really enjoys the Four Sword Games and Zelda Series.
Really enjoys the Fan art of Luigi and Daisy.
Likes the Evil Versions of Luigi: Mr.L, Shadow Luigi, and Koopa Luigi.
Likes the 1-up Shroom more than the original red one.
Played the Wario Land Games and enjoyed them.
Is a big fan of Wario Bros and Booigi (A Boo version of Luigi).
Likes Kakashi and some others from Naurto Series.
MY FAV COLORS OF YOSHI: From greatest to Least...
Red, Brown, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Orange, Green, that greenish blue color, Black, Pink (Female), and White.
Really Likes Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat.
Really likes Fire types and Steel types, but still likes the other types.
Wishes that some Pokemon had a three evolve form.
My favorite color is red.
I like the Bean Bean Kingdom.
I really enjoy the artwork on here.
I really like Team Chaotix and all the members in it as well.
Toadsworth and Lady Lima Fan.
Really enjoys the Sonic the Hedgehog Comics.
Enjoys eating strawberries.
Enjoyed playing the SMRPG Game.
I personally like Protoman more than Megaman.
I like Midna and Wolf Link Couple.
I personally like the Mario Bros more than the Wario Bros, but I still like the Wario Bros.
Anything that makes laugh, giggle, smile, fall out of my chair, and so on.
Johto is my favorite Pokemon Region.
I really like cats more than dogs.
My favorite Pokemon Trainers are May, Kris, Flannery, Jimmy, Brock, Blaine, Whitney, Chuck, Clair, Gardenia, Byron, Pike Queen Lucy, The Sensational Sisters, Zoey, Bill, Solana, Dawn, and finally Professor Elm.
I know that Professor Elm isn't really a Pokemon Trainer, but yeah hes still a cool guy. I liked him way better than the other Professors.…
Note me for my Battlenet account if you want to add me.
  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: Warcraft Related Music
  • Reading: Warcraft, Mario Universe ,MLP, Sonic Universe
  • Watching: Let's Plays, Computer Screen
  • Playing: World of Warcraft, A Link between Worlds, TF2
  • Eating: Whatever I can get my hands on (That is what...)
  • Drinking: WATER (Nector of the Gods)
Like on how the story progresses and then I could even do a present time now and let Mario and Luigi be their adult selves and then tell more of the story from it.

Do you want to see more of;

Yoshi and Baby Mario
Prince Bowser and Kamek
A unknown enemy who brought the Mushroom Kingdom and the Koopa Kingdom to fight
Present Time Mushroom Kingdom with Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Princess Peach, and the Gang

Sorry for lack of updates again.
Been really busy with life and I have some ideas I want to do and a few pics to make.
So stay tuned!
Vote now for the new story or I can even work on the comic a bit more and then have deal with the present times.

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