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Vanillaswirl Mesaclouds by ValAndy7
Vanillaswirl Mesaclouds
High above the Mushroom Kingdom Clouds is a kingdom full of Giants living in a Vanilla Dessert Cloud.

Huff N Puff; Back for revenge, and hopes to prove himself to King Bowser once more.

King Twomp; Hoping to do what he thinks is right for his kingdom. Helps his other Twomp people in this Cloud Kingdom.

Warlord As    ; Controls the Vanillaswirl Mesaclouds, and is willing to do what it takes to guard his Rainbow Power Star.

Enemies of the Clouds;
Giant Goomba
Giant Koopatrol
Big Boo
and many more...

Credit goes to their sprite owners.
Shellside Shore by ValAndy7
Shellside Shore
The first place where the Heroes need to go to collect the first of the Rainbow Power Stars.

Credit goes to their owners.
Lemmy Hip Koopa-

Boom Chucka -Commander of the Forces-

Big Bob-omb- Leader of the Bob-Omb Squadron-

Enemies of Shellside Shore;
Parachute Bob-omb
Large Bob-Omb
Blunka or whatever those big fat Bob-ombs are
Chillwind Mountains by ValAndy7
Chillwind Mountains
Credit goes to their sprite owners.

Crystal King and his loyal minions Chief Chilly and Blizzardbus have control over the icey chilling land of the Chillwind Mountains...
Guarding the Blue Star is their top goal to them. Deciding to add the Blue Rainbow Star and Wendy O Kootie Pie to the Chillwind Mountains.

Enemies the Heroes have to face as well;
Frost Piranha
Ice Bro
Sunray Sorched Valley by ValAndy7
Sunray Sorched Valley
All credits to their Sprite Owners...

Iggy Hop Koopa- Leads a force of his own troops from the surface of the Sunray Sorched Valley.

Petey Piranha- The Kingdom Heroes have to face him in a underground chamber under the Temple. Chases them outside as well for dramatic effect to get inside Temple-

Tyrant Phantom- A really evil Ghost Phantom who wants to control the Desert for his own goals. Decides to join up with the Koopa Troop to achieve these goals-

The Koopa Bros-They have been selected to guard the Orange Rainbow Power Star. A certain Toad with yellow will make a brief appearance to help out the Heroes.

Enemies in Sunray Sorched Valley=
Sand Blarggs
Gritty Goomba
Sand Bones
Sand Cheeps
Piranha Plants
Spiky Snifit
Grand Koopatrol Koopyan and his Grand Force by ValAndy7
Grand Koopatrol Koopyan and his Grand Force
Credit goes to their sprite owners.

So this Grand Koopatrol Koopyan and his Grand Force of;

Five Koopatrols, Two Magikoop, Four Hammer Brothers, Seven Koopa Troopa, Two Chargin Chucks, Two Sumos, and finally Four Shy Guys.


ValAndy7's Profile Picture
3DS and if there is any users please respond to my profile. OK? Friend Code: 0645-6049-4999
LuigiXDaisy Supporter and Video Gamer.
Warcraft Player and Orc Fan. Has a Mii and I play games with my Mii.
Likes the M&L Series Games and other Nintendo Games.
Played Classic Games as a kid and watches videos about them.
Likes listening to Video Game Music and some songs.
Really likes King Bowser Koopa and his Koopalings.
Has a lot of nice friends here on Youtube and likes to hang around them.
Likes The Yoshi Race, Piranha Plants, Bob-ombs, Chain Chomps, Thwomps, Shy Guys, Goombas, Wigglers, Shroobs, Koopas, and a lot of the other Mario species.
Likes too eat at MCGoomba's.
Really enjoys the Four Sword Games and Zelda Series.
Really enjoys the Fan art of Luigi and Daisy.
Likes the Evil Versions of Luigi: Mr.L, Shadow Luigi, and Koopa Luigi.
Likes the 1-up Shroom more than the original red one.
Played the Wario Land Games and enjoyed them.
Is a big fan of Wario Bros and Booigi (A Boo version of Luigi).
Likes Kakashi and some others from Naurto Series.
MY FAV COLORS OF YOSHI: From greatest to Least...
Red, Brown, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Orange, Green, that greenish blue color, Black, Pink (Female), and White.
Really Likes Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat.
Really likes Fire types and Steel types, but still likes the other types.
Wishes that some Pokemon had a three evolve form.
My favorite color is red.
I like the Bean Bean Kingdom.
I really enjoy the artwork on here.
I really like Team Chaotix and all the members in it as well.
Toadsworth and Lady Lima Fan.
Really enjoys the Sonic the Hedgehog Comics.
Enjoys eating strawberries.
Enjoyed playing the SMRPG Game.
I personally like Protoman more than Megaman.
I like Midna and Wolf Link Couple.
I personally like the Mario Bros more than the Wario Bros, but I still like the Wario Bros.
Anything that makes laugh, giggle, smile, fall out of my chair, and so on.
Johto is my favorite Pokemon Region.
I really like cats more than dogs.
My favorite Pokemon Trainers are May, Kris, Flannery, Jimmy, Brock, Blaine, Whitney, Chuck, Clair, Gardenia, Byron, Pike Queen Lucy, The Sensational Sisters, Zoey, Bill, Solana, Dawn, and finally Professor Elm.
I know that Professor Elm isn't really a Pokemon Trainer, but yeah hes still a cool guy. I liked him way better than the other Professors.…
Note me for my Battlenet account if you want to add me.
  • Mood: Stumped
  • Listening to: Music that calms me down
  • Reading: Warcraft related things, Stuff to keep me calm
  • Watching: Let's Plays, Computer Screen, Life
  • Playing: Heroes of the Storm
  • Eating: Whatever I can get my hands on (That is what...)
  • Drinking: WATER (Nector of the Gods)
So I will be back either Sunday or Saturday with more The Kingdom Heroes plots and Bosses, and I will get my pictures of the Amiibos I got as well.

Only collecting the Super Mario related ones and I just need Toad for my collection.

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What hobbies do you like to do?
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